Server Information

G-ro, we are a server that seeks to find the balance between the new generation of ragnarok and the old, through a personalized balance system for all classes, and thus bring a completely competitive server, and where each player can use their favorite class without worrying that it is not suitable for pvp or pve.

Information for Gate-RO
Episode 17.2 G-Renewal
Max Level 250/50
Max Stats 200(4rd job)
Max ASPD 191
Server Started (Open Beta) 06 May 2021
Party Share Range 40 Levels
Max Guild Members 15
Exp and Drop Rates
Base & Job 3000x
Quest Exp 3000x
Item Drop 400x
Card Drop 2%
MVP Card Drop 1%

 Custom Features

The server contains a great variety of unique characteristics, starting with the G-renewall, if you want to know more visit check down in this section, it also has different tournaments such as pvp and pve, where the champions are awarded with a unique belt and palette, which only the best can carry. with this the server includes a hall of fame, unique in his type that contain all of the story of the champions and best players of the server for futures generations.

G-Renewall System Cross Server Events
RWC Tournament Automated Events
Bomberman BG Ro Survival
Back to Ro Trip Achievements and Titles
TP System All Jobs Hall of Fame
Woe Pvp and BG Full PVP balance
All Instance TP system All Jobs


It is the system of mechanics developed by Hitsuken & Odin which consists of a fusion / adaptation of Renewal to Pre-renewal, in G-Renewal it mixes mechanics from both Renewal and Pre-renewal in search of a balance focused on PVE & PvP making it equal for all jobs (4th jobs, 3rd Jobs, Extended), skills and damage formulas from both Renewal and Pre-Renewal are used, the focus of G-Renewal is the Balance which mostly the game lost once the Renewal was introduced, however many of the good things of the Renewal are used such as the diversity of Jobs, items, stats, etc. This is all adapted to a Base Pre-Renewal but it became so updated and modified that could not be called Pre-Re or Renewal anymore but a child of both, which is why it is called G-Renewal.

Stats based on Pre-Renewal 4th exclusive T.Stats based on Renewal (Balanced and Adapted to all Jobs)
Skills based on Pre-Renewal (as far as Pre-Renewal went) Skills based on Renewal (after where Pre-Renewal arrived)
4th Jobs, 3rd Jobs, Summoner, Star emperor and soul reaper on equal ground Pre-Renewal Equipment (as far as Pre-Renewal ended)
Adapted Renewal equipment (Till Episode 17.2) Stats monsters based on Pre-Renewal
HP / SP of players adapted to matched balance HP / SP / Stats of monsters adapted to matched Balance
Delays / Cooldowns adapted to G-Renewal in search of Balance and Strategic Play -EXP lv 100 N-Trans Earn Extended XP up to 200 and 4th EXP Up to 250
-Lv 100 Trans gain Exp from 3rd to 200 and 4th to 250
-Lv 201 3rd gains Exp from 4th to 250
-lv 201 Summ gains Exp from 4th to 250
-Doram Earn the same XP as the Expanded.
No XP Penalty for level difference Status give half of the resistances to silence, stun etc
No XP Penalty for level difference Status give half of the resistances to silence, stun etc
Def for each Refine up to +10 = 0.60 Def for each Refine after +10 = 0.40
Refine equipment up to +20 Critical = 10% extra DMG (NO 40%)
Slaughter Lv 1 = [(Refine Lv - 4) x 2]%
Lv 2 = [(Refine Lv + 1) x 2]%

 PvP and PvM

We include in the server all the battle grounds, equip pvp and bg, full balance with the G-Renewall features, different types of pvp rooms, all instance and dungeons full working, woe, and more.

  WoE times (Server Time)
War of Emperium: First Edition Saturday at 8:00AM

 Server Statistics

Accounts 1,071 created
Characters 1,404 named
Guilds 30 established
Parties 255 formed
Zeny 6,147,377,689 collected